PissJapanTV review


PissJapanTV is a premium site, one that has a very clean, neat and elegant look to it in contrast to the actual content that they host. I especially loved how the left part of the page had the Network Info, Updates, and the Latest Comments. It made the whole thing come alive as if this was a live page, one that's active as you are browsing through it and checking out the videos. That's the vibe I love on any site, especially the ones where you wouldn't expect it. is a part of the Network that consists of SexJapanTV, PissJapanTV, and VoyeurJapanTV. The whole network has 817 scenes and 549 sets of pictures. Basically, by becoming a member you get a three in one deal, which is always a cool feat to get.

Clicking on the videos on you get a very organized overview of what it is that you are looking at. First of all, you can download the videos, depending on the qualities that they have of it. The one that I clicked on had the HD 1196mb, the Ipad 338mb, and the mobile video 130mb quality. Each video can be rated, commented on, it has a brief description of it, and the screenshots of the video. The whole thing is very efficient and easy to maneuver through. Now, let's get to the actual matter of the topic.

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