PeeOnHer review



There’s even a fleshlight add-on that allows you to watch content where the models react to your dick’s thrusts inside the fleshlight in real-time, which is known as ‘VStroker’ and ‘VStroker-enabled content’, and it’s pretty mindblowing as far as porn-consumption goes. But despite all the tech and software advancements that allow porn to be consumed in immersive and interactive ways, another more organic aspect of pornography has also developed, and it focuses more on the kind of content it delivers instead of the way it actually delivers it. I’m talking about themes, kinks, and fetishes that have become popular in the last decade or so – one prime example of a fetish that’s become undeniably popular these years is peeing. That’s right, piss porn, or ‘golden showers’ as some people call it, has gained enough traction to become one of the most iconic genres of alternative pornography, so much so that it has a good amount of websites dedicated to it. However, one of the best websites for piss porn today is undoubtedly ‘Pee On Her’, and it’s a damn good site if you’re into urinating on your sexual partners

As with any strictly-premium XXX site, this website’s content can be unlocked at a price. If you want a two-day trial to see if it’s the right site for your ‘needs’, then you can pay a mere $2.95 and bear witness to all the golden glory yourself. If you want a monthly subscription, it’s gonna set you back $19.95 each 30 days – or if you’re sure that you’ll watch this site’s content again and again for months on end, you can opt for the yearly membership, which boils down to one payment of $99.95, or $8.35 per month. The choice is yours, but before you make it, read this review to see if this is really the site for you regardless if you’re a piss porn fan or not.

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