PirateCams review



The mascot of Pirate Cams is a little webcam dressed up as a pirate, which is even weirder since I don't see pirates having a major role in the bigger picture of Either way, loads of websites have random names just like this one, so I guess the "Pirate" part of the name isn't anything too weird for us to comprehend. Now let's get back to the main topic and see what's in store for us. Being the horny pirates that we are, we want to find out exactly what kind of content can be found on PirateCams? We've already mentioned that the main type of content here isn't webcam content, but what is this "non-webcam" content on this page?

Well, as soon as you join the website you will notice that there are many tabs on this page and that every single one of them is dedicated to a specific type of content, and basically, every single one of these types is about "pirated videos" that were made from recording videos of webcam girls who perform live for a bunch of people. So that's where the "pirate" part of the name comes in, huh? I guess it does. There are many, many famous names on here, with my favorite girl being MIss Alice, at least in the past few weeks. I was so thrilled to see her name down there, knowing I'd get to see her doing some nasty stuff. It's great how people record these girls. I couldn't be more thankful.

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