3XPlanet review



The first thing I should probably mention is the fact that this is not a place where you can watch porn, but rather a place where you can download everything to your PC or other devices. This will not be free, but at the same time, it is really not that pricey, and I shall talk about that a bit later. First of all, why the fuck does look so old-school, outdated?

Creating an attractive site is really not that difficult, not to mention that this is just a download site, so this shit should have been easier. Oh well, at least they are simple enough for even an idiot to understand what the fuck is happening, so no offense, but I am pretty sure everyone will know what the hell is and how the site functions.

As for those who are wondering why the fuck do download sites still exist, well it is pretty simple really; not everyone is a privileged prick who has a fast internet connection to stream everything without buffering. Do you know how fucking annoying it can be to be in the heat of the moment just when the video starts buffering? Well, I speak from experience, as I used to have a very bad internet connection; luckily that changed.

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