Meet In Chat review

Meet In Chat

Meet In Chat is free to use adult chat site that is fresh out of the gate. This site popped up in April of 2018 and has been on a steady climb in views since its launch. But they need to increase those numbers. They’re only bringing in a little over 200 thousand people to the site every month right now. For a year, that’s not too bad. But let’s dive into this shit and see if it should become your new favorite place to jerk your dick.

Before I start picking apart the site design and all of that good stuff, let me tell you how this place works. It’s not a cam site. It’s not a completely anonymous message board since your email and username are tied to the site. So, what the fuck is it? It’s a site that has a selection of different chat rooms to choose from. Each room has a different adult-themed topic for you to contribute to. You can chat with users there, share photos, or hop into steamy voice chats if that’s more your speed.

And I said that the site was free, and that’s true, but there is a premium option. It doesn’t do too terribly much, but it’s also not very expensive at all. Like a cheap Tenga egg. Yeah, it’s fine, but is it that much better than your hand? You get to make special chat rooms, get priority views on public rooms, and a few other neat features. For the price, it’s not too bad at all. Though, unlike other shittier sites, you can actually browse, chat, and share photos without having to pay a dime. You don’t even have to make a profile if you’re just looking to lurk.

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