Chatropolis review



Most of the websites from the mid-nineties are long gone, lost to the ether. I hope you backed up that old GeoCities page about the Backstreet Boys. The fact that still stands is a testament to text-based sex chats. Maybe I’m a little bit spoiled by all the HD premium anal teen movies I have access to, so I’m really curious to see why people are still jacking off to this.

The first thing you notice about Chatropolis is the design. The landing page is just a simple logo that was probably photoshopped back when the site was new. Click through to the real main page and none of it looks any more modern. This is a mid-nineties site, through and through.

Chatropolis looks like websites did back in the day, before anyone had heard of WordPress templates or HD images. It’s a simple-as-fuck design, white text on a black background with blue links. This is what every amateur website looked like in the old days, slapped together with a very basic understanding of HTML.

The front page is a rarely updated feed of Chatropolis news. The last update was an unexpected outage a few months ago, and the last one before that is nearly a year old. It’s mostly technical stuff, like being aware of spambots or how to handle errors from opening too many chat sessions.

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