Evolved Fights review

Evolved Fights

Evolved Fights

Whether or not we can say that fucking and fighting are exactly the same as one another, there’s no denying that there is a ton of overlap between the two. There is also no denying that there is something inherently erotic about professional fighting sports. Look at MMA, for instance. You can’t tell me that you’ve never gotten at least a little bit turned on while watching the female UFC fights. I mean, how could you not? These girls are sweating and panting and groaning as they roll around on the mat and pin each other down. It’s basically lesbian porn minus the sex toys.

And if you don’t get turned on by female UFC fights, then it’s probably the guys that do it for you. Few things are gayer than male on male mixed martial arts. Well, the only thing gayer than actually grappling on the ground with another half-naked man for 20 minutes at a time is watching two half-naked men grapple on the ground with three or four of your closest bros. No, I don’t want to come over to your apartment to eat chips and dip and watch two sweaty grown men roll around on the ground together.

At any rate, my point is that the lines between fighting and sexuality can be pretty thin sometimes. So, obviously, someone had the wherewithal to combine the two and make a porn site out of it! The result is a site known as Evolved Fights, where couples get into a ring and wrestle each other into sex positions. Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say that couples get into a ring and wrestle, with sexual acts being used tactically to cause the opponent to submit. Spoiler alert: when it’s a girl versus a guy, the girls tend to have the upper hand. But, hey, when your opponent is sucking you off or fucking you into submission, nobody really loses, right?

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