Assylum review



Assylum is not just a porn site, OK? It is a scientific experiment and a loving community. Basically, the girls on the site are all roleplaying as patients at an insane asylum, where the cure for every insanity lies in increasingly depraved sex acts. These girls insert cum in every orifice they have, and no I don’t just mean pussy and ass here folks. They get cum inserted straight into their eyes. Now that’s some fucked up shit that I can get behind.

The idea is that all of these fucked up sex acts are experiments that are testing how much they could help a given patient’s mental health. If she complains, give her more cum. If she complains after that, stuff the cum up her ass, fish it back out and force-feed it to her. Absolutely nothing is off-limits.

The character of Dr. Mercies, played by the only male pornstar I could see on the site, is in charge of helping the girls with treatment. He’s also got some female staff on hand, but to be honest, they take just as much punishment as the patients. More often than not he’ll have the nurse extract cum out of someone’s asshole, then swirl it around in her mouth and spit it back out onto or inside another patient. Truly this is the place where dreams come true.

Dr. Mercies does not hold back with his experiments. If these girls are to be punished, they get hurt pretty hard and they get mercilessly humiliated. You’ll be seeing tons of enemas, cum insertions, hardcore penetration and toys that are way too large to be used safely by civilians. But that’s the degree of dedication that Dr. Mercies has for his patients. If they’re not broken and crying, doused in cum by the end of the video, he hasn’t done his job.

The site’s members pretty much role play as the sick fucks behind the scenes that decide how the girls are to be humiliated and treated next. The forum on Assylum, nicknamed “The Lab” is a place where any of you could suggest types of torture and sexual depravity that the girls are to be subjected to, and Dr. Mercies jumps right on it.

That’s what makes the Assylum such a magical place – The people decide how these whores will suffer next, and the suggestions are reaching “Human Centipede” levels of insanity.

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