3DXTube review



There are so many fucking posts on every page. You will have to scroll a lot to reach the footer, in order to surf on other pages. That's a good thing, since you will not get bored too soon. Not only because of the scrolling, heh! I tried to make a fucking joke! If you do not understand it, I don't care! If you want to see a scene, you will have to get your pass. It's easy to register and if you will do so, you will have unlimited download of pictures and videos, you will be able to play exciting games, you can write comments and you can vote, you can even upload your own content and pics, you can create your list of favorite shit and last, but not least, you can get bonus content from their sponsors. Much shit going on!

The graphics of the materials are great! Absolutely great. The artists who worked on these, are for sure one of a kind. The 3D is really 3D and if you are a fan of this niche, you will appreciate this site. I am not just saying this, I am speaking the truth, as I always do! You can trust my judgment and my recommendations.

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