Welcomix review



That’d be like going out with some chick on Tinder without every seeing her profile picture. Who knows what you could end up with? Especially since this site is pretty expensive as far as premium comic sites go. You’ll be paying around 20 bucks for access for only. But, hey, maybe the content is worth it. We’ll see. It looks pretty good judging by the previews you get on the free site. But they tease you constantly with the “see more” button, which, of course, directs you to a page where you need to put in your credit 

The landing page looks okay enough. The bright white background is annoying, but there’s no crazy banner ads, flashing videos, or anything like that. It’s a clean design with a simple header up top for “Home, All Series, All Titles, and Support.” Below that, you’ll see a list of previews for all of their comic series…all 12 of them. That’s right, there is a grand total of 12 different series. Granted, each series has its own set of comic entries within it.

Now, some of these entries like “The Naughty Home” and “Animated Tales” have plenty of entries. The first one having over thirty, and the second set having well over 100. But the majority of the other series might only have 2-3 entries. That’s pitiful.

Also, as a side note. The “Animated Tales” had no sort of animation that I could find anywhere. It was just a couple still images with a couple of pages of text as narrative. I enabled flash, tried other browsers, and everything. I couldn’t get these “animated cartoons” to play for the life of me. I’m guessing they mean animated as in lively. I don’t fucking know. All I know is that it’s misleading. Rename it something like “Erotic Tales.”

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