Savita Bhabhi (Kirtu) review

Savita Bhabhi (Kirtu)

Savita Bhabhi (Kirtu)

The site has plenty of other equally interesting series for you to enjoy as well. Some are politically charged, others are not. All of them, though, are drawn and written in the artist’s signature Kirtu style. Some other examples of what you can expect to find on Savita Bhabhi are XXX Apartments (“Follow Aman Sharma’s amazing sexual adventures in XXX Apartments comics”); Priya Rao: The Encounter Specialist (“Priya was called in to the Deputy of Commissioner’s office because none other officers could be compared with her. Find out how she manages to pull it off with every mission that is assigned especially to her that requires her unique sets of skills and talents”); and, my personal favorite, Trumpland (a shy young man leaves India for the first time to obtain his graduate degree in Trump’s America; he is faced with tons of racism, but also tons of poon along the way).

I actually really enjoyed reading the comics I found on Savita Bhabhi. And that is saying something because I don’t normally like comics. And I never get hard from animation. But, much to my surprise, I found myself both captivated by the stories and half chub by the end of an episode. So, I can only imagine that you nerdy, virginal comic book store frequenting fuckers will be drooling over this shit.

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