LoyalFans review



The rapidly growing popularity of LoyalFans clearly owes something to OnlyFans, who turned this direct, individual clip-subscription model into a global phenomenon. I’m a cynical motherfucker, though, so I’m going to go ahead and give COVID-19 a little bit of credit, too. Well, a lot of credit, actually. The mountain-shaped traffic graphs for either site are shaped pretty much like the mounting death toll.

It’s no fucking surprise that people are jacking off more during the pandemic. A lot of the bars are still closed, and the local Tinder fatties might give you the coronavirus in addition to the usual herpes infection. It ain’t just the perverts who are stuck at home, though. Everybody is, and that includes a shit-ton of potential performers.

Throw in the joblessness and economic uncertainty, and it makes a lot of fucking sense why chicks have been migrating to these platforms en masse. Pornstars are getting onto sites like LoyalFans to get by until it’s safe to shoot, webcam sluts are using it to supplement their incomes, and Instagram models are using it to hawk the nudes they can’t share over their usual channels. Even everyday babes who’ve never considered selling dirty pics are getting in on the action; selling feet pics can be a fun and easy way to make sure the lights don’t get shut off this month.

LoyalFans has all kinds of babes in their growing social network of sluts. Their top content creators include recognizable pornstars like Eva Notty, sexy brand-newbies to the business and some assorted fetish freaks. These clip sale sites are always good for that niche stuff, huh? There’s a dominatrix and a femdom comic artist in the top row, a beautiful professional farter in the second, and an all-male corporal punishment studio from Russia in the last.

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