IndianPornVideos review



Aside from that, the rest of the page and site is dedicated to big previews of all the incredibly hot Indian porn this site has collected over the years. I do wish I could organize it. The previews are really lacking when it comes to, well, any helpful information at all. You can’t filter by anything at all. I assume it’s by newest, but you don’t even get an upload date on these damn things anywhere. No top-rated, top highest views, no anything. Just a confusing list of preview sand videos.

What you do get in the previews is a title that usually says some vague shit like “Indian Wife Sucking Penis” or “Fucking Ass of Nude Sleeping Indian Girl” and the video length. That’s it. Seriously. It’s like taking some bitch home who says she just wants to dry hump. Fuck that. I’m not 15 anymore. I need some pussy and tits goddammit. At least you get big previews. They don’t play a preview or slideshow or anything, but they are big enough to get a decent idea of what to expect.

The video player is big as well. No tiny ass window for ants. And here you get a little more info like tags, categories, and a short description of what happens in the video. Still no upload dates or anything. And the quality is okay. These are all amateur videos mostly filmed on some dudes phone, so don’t come in expecting HD videos and high-quality productions. That doesn’t mean that these videos aren’t hot as fuck. Watching some desi slut take it in the ass is great regardless of the quality.

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