ClipsAge (KamaBaba) review

ClipsAge (KamaBaba)

ClipsAge (KamaBaba)

This massiveness of the repository can make up for a lot of things, but perhaps the faults with this website are too numerous. I guess we’ll see, but all I know is that with that many videos that offers, it’s easy to just recommend it straight off the bat. I mean, free content is free content, and you can’t get any better than free pornos on the internet, can you? Well, I suppose there are some other things that you can do right if you operate on a bigger budget.

For instance, how about a better design. I mean, this is just laughable. I don’t even know if this counts as a design. It just looks like raw HTML. It looks like a cat ran over a keyboard and wrote this site. It seems like a third grader’s website project where he got a C-. It looks like your mom tried to make a website, and this is as far as her lower technology competence goes. It looks like… Okay, I think you get the point, it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look good at all.

That low-resolution logo, that isn’t even aesthetically pleasing, by the way, coupled with that bright background that I hate, is there anything this site does right? Well, there is one thing that they do phenomenally, and that’s the inclusion of a tab titled Porn Dude, which leads you straight to my site. That’s right when you get tired of this lame-ass design, just head on over to my place, and you’ll see what a real design looks like. We’ve got dark mode and everything.

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