FSIBlog review



With new photo galleries and videos added to the site every two hours, it seems impossible that you would ever run out of content to fap to. This is another aspect of Free Sexy Indians aka FSI Blog that makes the site stand out among other porn sites and blogs. There’s nothing more half chub than a blog site that updates infrequently or, in some cases, not at all.

As I am not one to easily take people at their word, I tested out that “every two hours” promise. I visited the site at 2:00, and, sure enough, when I refreshed the page at 4:04, there was new content that had been added. I must say, I was honestly surprised that this was the case. It’s rare that you come across a porn site that maintains a sense of professionalism and accountability to its users. So, props to you, Free Sexy Indians. Good work.

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