YourPorn Lesbian review

YourPorn Lesbian

YourPorn Lesbian

The videos. Oh man, the videos. They are fucking awesome. Lesbian threesomes, girls eating each other’s ass and pussy, bondage, orgies, and more all from popular porn sites like “Girls Gone Wild, Haze Her, Lesbea, Girls Do Porn,” and pretty much any other studio or site you could think of. And these videos aren’t just shitty, short clips. No, no, no. Almost all of these are at least longer than 30 minutes. Most are even full movies.

I was surprised to see fully animated previews on a free tube site like this. But I guess that ad money has to be going somewhere. Hovering your cursor will play 5-10 second clips from the video. Good shit. And the video previews have some other interesting features. First off, you get the title, video length, HD tag, studio name, date uploaded, view count, rating, favorite, tags, and name of the models in the video. They put other site’s previews to shame. The amount of information they pack in there is crazy. And there’s the weird emoji system where each video is tagged with different emoji that represent popular tags. Cool, I guess.

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