PornHub Lesbian review

PornHub Lesbian

PornHub Lesbian

First thing’s first – as soon as you enter the Lesbian category on PornHub, you’re hit with recommendations on what the category itself is most frequently combined with. Here you can see all the other categories/genres/themes that lesbians go best with thanks to the massive fan feedback that PornHub received from its fans as the largest XXX domain in the world. You may or may not be pleased to know that the Lesbian category fits best with the ‘Popular with Women’ category since it doesn’t feature any dick in its content.

Next is the Japanese genre – for whatever reason, PornHub’s refined fanbase loves watching Japanese lesbians go at it despite Japanese porn censoring all the genitals displayed in it. Then there’s the ‘Big Tits’ category, which works for obvious reasons. After ‘Big Tits’ is ‘Ebony’, ‘Anal’, ‘Teen’, ‘Bondage’, ‘Amateur’, ‘MILF’ and ‘Squirt’. These ten aforementioned categories complement the Lesbian genre the best according to PornHub’s fanbase, and you better take their opinion seriously because these people watch porn on the most proven and popular XXX domain on the planet, so they’re smarter than your average porno addict.

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