RedTube Lesbian review

RedTube Lesbian

RedTube Lesbian

About ten years ago, RedTube reigned nearly supreme in the porn landscape. It may not be in the top five anymore, but it’s still got something to offer. Just like your grandmother—she might not actually have any instrumental value, but she used to be a good person. Give her a call now, otherwise the guilt of not doing so will ensure that she’s on your mind while you’re trying to masturbate to hotter, less wrinkly lesbians on RedTube.

I’ve heard rumors that say that RedTube’s early popularity might have had something to do with the fact that it was slightly more discreet than that of its prime competitors—namely, PornHub and YouPorn—due to the fact that they brilliantly did not advertise to anyone glancing at your web history that you spend an embarrassing amount of your time masturbating. But, if this is the case, then maybe their decline can be explained their own popularity—as RedTube became a household name, it lost the advantage that helped it grow.

Now the only people who won’t know what’s going on when they see you’ve been going to RedTube are ancient and senile, like your grandmother. In case you forgot about her.

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