SisLovesMe review



Sis Loves Me, though, has managed not only to cater to the huge (previously relatively untapped) demographic of dirty perverts such as yourselves who salivate over their step sisters like chimpanzees, but they also have a pretty novel video format which sets them apart from many porn studios out there.

Most porn videos take place in a single moment, right? The situations are fleeting—you know, pizza guy delivers a pizza to a horny-ass sorority house, gets invited in for a reverse gangbang; sexy single-tenant can’t afford her rent that month, fucks the dirty landlord as payment; etc. The situations in Sis Loves Me, on the other hand, span greater lengths of time—one day stepsister asks brother for help with deciding what outfit to wear, one thing leads to another and she’s sucking his cock; a couple of days later she comes into his room in her underwear, asking his opinion on that, they fuck; another time in the future, maybe he comes into her room naked and they fuck again, this time even harder. This aspect gives the scenes on Sis Loves Me a sense of that building sexual tension over time that (I would imagine) comes with the desire to fuck your stepsister (a slow-building lust).

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