Sex4ArabXXX review



Sex4ArabXXX have not been generous regarding design, preferring to keep their layout as simple as possible. Perhaps a tad too simple. The plain white background doesn’t do the site too many favors regarding the visual appeal. To be honest, the design looks like it has been pulled straight out of the 18th century and someone needs to raise their fucking game. To be fair, the simplicity means that everything is easy to find, but the team needs to make it look like they are making an effort.

There are no complications regarding design though. The first thing you notice in the navigation menu with a whole tab dedicated to the Arabic version of the industry’s leading porn directory; The Porn Dude. I must be making one hell of an impact to warrant a whole fucking tab. Anyway, enough of the bragging. Other tabs you will access alongside TPD includes foreign sex movies, download movies, sex movies incest, latest videos, and free sex movies. Just above that is a basic search feature. There is a sidebar on the right side that allows you access to ‘most admired’ and ‘random’ movies. The pagination is limited to a few pages, but that shouldn’t prevent you from finding your specific kind of movie.

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