AflamSexHD review



The site’s only been around since the beginning of 2017, but currently gets around 2 million hits a month. Aflam Sex HD serves up the smut using the free tube format we’re all used to, but how does it compare to the million other sites with the same layout? Come with me as I find out, or just head over there now and find out if they can make you cum.

The blurb at the top of AflamSexHD’s front page calls me Dear Visitor, which is awfully sweet. It goes on to say they’re the best Arabian and translated porn video site in the world and completely free. The first part is a bold claim, but I hadn’t run into a paywall so I knew they weren’t bullshitting on the value. A sentence highlighted in red claims you won’t even see ads if you take 3 seconds to register.

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