Kaotic review


Kaotic is a site that specializes in everything evil and dark in this world. The sort of site that could ruin the way people look at you if they found out you jerked off to the shit here. Even scat and piss porn can be explained away, but this kind of shit is beyond redemption. But that doesn’t mean this site isn’t bringing in you twisted fucks by the truckload. 8 million people come here every month to gaze upon the visceral, thrilling horrors that this site contains. And they aren’t new to the gore game. Established in 2001, this wretched site has been housing uncensored videos for nearly 20 years now.

You can’t help but avoid looking at the gruesome videos on the front page with the bright, unforgiving white and blue site design. If that shit bothers you, then I’ve got bad news. It’s by far the easiest thing to look at on the site. And they let you know right away that there will be no shortage of blood-curdling content to watch.

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