CrazyShit review



There is so much fucked up and disgusting shit online that there are hundreds upon hundreds of websites, like, dedicated to nothing else but providing sick fucks with the sickest shit that they crave. Whether it’s snuff films, suicide videos, scat porn, or worse, you will have no trouble whatsoever finding any and everything there is to see on the internet. We all have this innately morbid curiosity within us to watch fucked up shit. Nobody is immune to it. That’s why whenever there is a horrible car accident on the freeway, everyone and their mothers will slow down and careen their necks to try and get a glimpse at the fatal, twisted scene.

The same morbid impulse exists online, too, in the form of extreme porn sites. There is no shortage of free porn tubes and blogs dedicated to satisfying those darker urges of human interest. Whether it is a site like Extreme Tube, CrazyShit, Kaotic or Motherless, the sickos always have a digital playground with which to revel in their bizarre and disgusting desires. If you are one of these people that likes to go down these dark rabbit holes from time to time, you are not alone. However, if you are one of these people that likes to fap it to scenes of abuse, gore, or the like, please shut down your computer right now and find some help.

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