HumorOn review



There's tons of X-rated content, which is definitely a good thing considering there are sites out there who fill their homepage with eye-catching titles and links to some shit that’s not even legal, but one that attracts the eyes of curious motherfuckers. Clicking on the links in some of these sites directs you to some half-ass sites with loads of ads that fucking ruin your experience. At least here, you will find some legit shit and in quite the variety. However, I don’t like that the homepage is a thin orange blog with the content availed in tiny photos and even smaller fonts. Do these fucks want users to browse the site in fucking specs?

With that in mind, the top navigation bar allows you to sort the content by funny, shocking, cool, sexy, other, pictures, and WTF pictures, among others. Just below that is a basic search feature whose importance cannot be overlooked. By default, the site starts by presenting the latest updates where posts get creepier as you browse. Near the bottom of the page is a useful browsing menu. At the same time, further below is a list of the most recent searches where you will see stuff like Indian father rapes unwilling daughter, small dick embarrassed, brother sister cumshots, nervous car fucks, bestiality, and more. Fuck, what kind of pervs patrol these pages?!

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