eFukt review



Then there are porn sites that function mainly as a community hub. These come in the form of forum sites. People share plenty of pictures, videos, and gifs on them, sure, but it’s not exactly easy to jerk it to a series of threads and comments. These sorts of sites are more for people to share their content with one another and to discuss it. It might be a good source for building a spank bank up over time, but as far as the immediate orgasm is concerned, forum sites aren’t really the place to go.

There are also sites that function outside of the realms of shock or community. These sites are meant more to entertain. Often comical, the content on these sites are often a mixed bag. Sometimes you might find porn bloopers, other times you’ll find humorous compilations and videos with funny, opinionated captions put to them. Who doesn’t love a good laugh now and then in between orgasms? Take a break from your very serious business of fapping to enjoy some of the rarer corners of the online porn world.

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