El Ladies review

El Ladies

El Ladies

That’s why I am happy that there are still sites out there like El-Ladies, dedicated to photographs of amateur chicks either posing nude, getting fucked, or fucking themselves. Even if you aren’t going to use a site like El Ladies to actually fap to, image hosting sites can be a great way to get the engine revving, if you will, to act as a sort of warm-up for whatever video you work your way to eventually.

El-Ladies specializes in amateur porn photos. Well, actually, maybe I’m using the term “amateur” a little too loosely. They do separate their photos into categories, some of which are specifically labeled “amateur,” while others are not. And some of these photos definitely look more professional than others. So, I guess what I mean when I say “amateur” is that you aren’t going to find photos of any well-known porn stars on this site, no screen captures or anything like that. Even the “professional” looking pics are of chicks that I’ve never seen before; so, for that reason, I would go ahead and call them amateur photos as well.

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