Blue Pill Men review

Blue Pill Men

Blue Pill Men

Not much is left to the imagination on the preview page for BluePillMen. The very top image on the screen features a group of old dudes sitting around a kitchen table, gawking at a hot, naked Asian broad as she pours syrup onto their pancakes. Let’s be real here: nobody is going to eat those sweet griddle cakes when there’s sweet pussy on the menu!

The preview images and video trailers for their movies tell similar stories. The Guys Land a Porn Star is about this dude Frankie who claims to know a guy who knows the guy, who in turn knows THE guy who owns BangBros. Some phone calls are made, and Aliyah Hadid comes over to pleasure a couple of gray hairs. She gets her cunt licked and returns the oral favor before getting that tight pussy stuffed, and her face jizzed on.    

If exotic babes ain’t your thing, maybe little blonde Stacy in Educating Through Experience will do it for you. The teen cutie gets a dildo shoved up her twat by a couple of ancient perverts before they tag-team her with cock.

Over and over, up and down the preview screen, I’m seeing ripe young things get hammered from every angle in group sex scenes with the oldest dudes I’ve ever seen in a porno. Some of them look like dapper fellows in suits and bowties, and others just look like dirty old men.

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