MyEbonyGF review



One thing I really dislike about My Ebony GF is the fact that they do not let you see anything before you create an account, and you can only create an account when you pay. I find it a bit shitty that you have to pay for something you cannot see, which is another reason why I am here.

However, they could have included some naughty videos or anything similar, like short trailers just to give us an idea of what they have to offer. This way, not only does this place look like complete garbage and an ad, it does not give anything but the images, which is quite sad. 

I am sure that this is the first thing that went through your mind since that is the first thing I thought about as well. The price is very important because not everyone is able to afford expensive porn when technically you can just visit a free site instead. Now, I am able to afford anything pornography-related, which is why I am even here.

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