ImagePost review



This homepage isn't what you usually get to see on porn pages, especially porno websites that post pictures and nothing else for the most part. I mean, ImaginePost has a lot of videos, sure, but they are primarily a page that is dedicated to posting pictures. So, they don't have a lazy design, but rather, the design of their homepage is quite creative, and it's unlike anything I've seen beforehand. Let's talk about the little things first, and then we can focus on the crucial elements, okay? First off, let's talk about the color palette of Image Post.

A beautiful white background on top of which you find a lot of purple and white text and a lot of thumbnails. Purple text isn't the only purple thing in here, seeing as most buttons on ImagePost are purple. Damn, that's a whole lot of talk about colors for someone whose job is reviewing pornography. So, before you start thinking that I'm gay, I will return to the main topic, which is porn. Before I do that, I have to mention a few things about, though. First off, you will notice that a neat little search bar sits on top of the page.

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