ErosBerry review



The first thing you’ll notice is just how simple Eros Berry is. There’s literally nothing fancy going on here, it’s just the website and the content on it. There are a few buttons to help you move around, a search bar, and that’s that. You’re left to your own wit to find something specific, so you better be fast on your feet. I mean you can always take your time since the chicks on ErosBerry aren’t going anywhere, but I still recommend that you pick up the pace, just so that you save your precious time.

When left to your own devices, you often think whether or not the people who started the site even care about its users. I think they do in this case since they seem to have incorporated a very real and genuine rating system. You can slap a rating onto any piece of content that you come across. There are three main types of content on this website as well. The first one is the galleries that you can check out, the second one is the videos, and finally, there are the models

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