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Huge torrent list of excellent porn movies

RAR BG is legendary torrent site where you can get anything you want from video games to porn movies. This is a great source of high-quality content. I’m not interested in movies, music, games, and software because I’m an expert in pornography. Even if RAR BG wasn’t created for fans of porn only, it is one of the best torrent websites that help people around the world download Full HD sex films. Why should we use this technology? I have the answer to this question. Not everyone is ready to pay for porn because a lot of people have a lack of cash. There are a lot of free porn tubes on the web that provide tons of content. But this is not a complete solution to the problem. Such tubes like Porn Hub, Red Tube, xHamster and others usually share just short parts from the full-length movies. They cut them and provide like preview or advertising. Ten minutes is pretty enough to finish but sometimes you want to watch a long movie on a big screen. Free tubes usually are owned by the same companies who have a lot of premium sites. They aren’t ready to lose their money sharing full-length movies for free. That is why we should use sometimes torrents. It’s very comfortable to have a porn movie on your hard drive. You may not worry about Internet connection and streaming speed. I have my own archive of favorite porn movies on my computer. What will you do if the Internet will disappear? It sounds paranoid but who knows…

How does it work? You download a torrent file and open it in a special p2p client like µTorrent. It can be downloaded and installed for free. I don’t want even to try to describe how the technology works. I’m not a geek to know this. The main thing is that it works and it is easy to use. RAR BG looks very simple because it wasn’t created like a site where you can have fun. You enter it just to download necessary content. When entering the website, don’t forget about checkbox XXX (18+). If you are younger than 18, please, don’t do it. And stop reading this! I’m just kidding. You can use search bar to find a movie that you want to download but I’m not sure that it works well. The best method is scrolling the pages one by one. You can see a little preview picture to understand what is inside. Of course, there are titles of the torrents that usually include the name of the porn movies and quality. Also, there is the time of uploading, the size of the file, number of seeders and number of leechers. Those numbers are important when you download a torrent. If there are no seeders, you won’t be able to download this movie. If there are few seeders, the download speed will be very slow. Also, the uploader is indicated for each torrent. I’m wondering why the last pages are uploaded by one user only. Maybe, he is a very enthusiastic fan of porn who wants to share high-quality films with everybody who needs it. I hope it doesn’t mean that the XXX section of the site gets deserted. The number of leechers means that I don’t have to worry.

What do we see when opening a torrent page? The creators of the site tell us to use VPN and be careful. Downloading torrents is getting riskier nowadays. Only VPN can make you hidden while downloading a torrent. Nobody will be able to spy on you and track your activities on the Internet. Okay, it sounds like VPN is a useful thing but I am sure that the Government doesn’t give a shit about me and my porn collection. This is just my personal opinion. Next what I see is the list of other torrents and description below. There are some screenshots that will help you find out what is going on in the video. Hopefully, the uploader didn’t forget to add screenshots. Other technical data isn’t interesting at all. There are indicated the genre, file type, upload date, source URL, rating, number of files, peers. You can leave a comment there but I don’t see a lot of comments below fresh torrents.

I’m bored with all the technical information. Let’s talk about girls! You can find so many various sex movies and download them with no limits on this torrent website! Forget about expensive paysites and free tubes full of shitty content. Now you can enjoy full-length porn movies of the best quality for free. Download films and leave them on your computer. Personal XXX archive will help you when the Internet will be turned off. So many great pornstars are exposed in studio sex films! It’s really cool to become a permanent user of RARBG. Sometimes, I’m too lazy to download a movie. But if you spend a lot of time on jerking off, better get prepared well. You deserve the best content for adults!

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