OneJAV review


OneJAV is a JAV torrent site that lets you download premium JAV porn for free. I dig the LOTR reference at the bottom of the site, especially the part about “in the darkness bind them.” Sounds like my kind of porn right there. A lot of you fucks love JAV, so it only makes sense that 8 million of you come rushing to this site every month for your daily fill of kinky JAV. For a site that’s only been around since early 2016, those are some pretty impressive figures. Almost as impressive as the figures some of these JAV sluts are rocking. Damn, man, I’ll always be blown away by the tight asses and petite bods that these models have.

If you frequent JAV torrent sites as often as I do, then you won’t be too surprised by the site design. It’s pretty standard at this point. It’s got a bright ass white background that’s paler than some babe’s bleached balloon knot. But it doesn’t look bad. The white theme and large previews work well together and make the site feel modern. I’ve been to some of these torrent sites that look like unearthed relics of the past with their dated site design and ugly ass layout. Nice to have a change of pace here.

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