8Chan review



The design of the page might be slightly confusing in the beginning, but do not despair, as scrolling through it for a while will help you find out what the fuck is this page about. It truly is a clusterfuck, but I believe you're here for the pornography, and boy oh boy, they truly do have the content you're looking for. 8 Chan has loads of active threads that pop up every few minutes. Every now and then new filth spawns here, whether it be drawn filth, 3D animated filth or porn that has been "snatched" from premium websites by the residents of 8ch.

First off, I should give you a little introduction while I still have your attention...or rather, a few tips, since if you have been reading all the way up until now, then you've read what should have been a proper introduction. The very first tip I have for you is: "Ignore the latest headlines section as it is pretty much useless for you." What you see in this sections are loads of threads that are all about politics and shit like that, and I guess you are not interested in stuff like that, at least right now, because we're here for the porn.

Then, there is the "fast threads" section, and what you find in here typically isn't what you'd want to see. You get to see loads of strange things in here such as threads dedicated to doctor who, political discussions, video game, and anime discussions. Sometimes, there are even discussions about certain genres of music. Seeing as Earl Sweatshirt came out with a new album after a few years, the boards of 8ch are truly heated...but hey, you probably don't care about that too much.

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