UselessJunk review



Scientifically, it’s way healthier to masturbate to pictures of porn as opposed to videos. While keeping your hands off your dick is probably the best way to get a real girlfriend instead of switching to a new virtual fuck-bae every night, you can still increase your chances of getting some real sex by toning down the intensity of your porn. The reason why pictures are better material to fap to than videos is because videos nowadays (the professional ones at least) feature girls with a ton of makeup on and good lighting that makes them impossibly hot, getting fucked in camera angles that make porn look like perfection to anyone who watches it.

The more you jack off to that kind of stuff, the more your brain starts to learn that it’s a better source of pleasure than real sex, which can be ‘smelly’ and does not look as good as professionally-filmed porn. When you jack off to pictures, you don’t get as visually over-stimulated as you do by videos – sure, you’re probably jacking it to a hot bitch that your dick gets hard to in a moment’s notice, but she’s not moving around, taking dick and moaning, so all you have left in order to get you through your fap is your imagination. Using your imagination while jacking off to images is healthier for your brain than letting the videos do all the work for you. In fact, watching ultra-premium XXX video content on a daily basis actually decreases the ‘gray matter’ in your brain. I have no fucking clue what that is, but it does sound pretty important.

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