SexMex review



The fewer Latinas and Mexican women that are allowed to cross the border, the fewer Latina and Mexicana porn stars we will have. And that is a true travesty if I’ve ever heard of one. Because, and this is no secret, Mexican women are fucking sexy. Latinas are, in fact, probably the sexiest women on the planet. Oh, do you need some proof? Okay, well, just close your eyes and picture a sexy caramel-skinned goddess with long, dark hair and beautiful brown eyes dancing in a short cut, tight red dress. Do you see her incredible curves? Her fat ass? You can almost hear her accent as she whispers in your ear, “ay, Papi, bend me over and fuck me hard.”

Is that enough evidence? Hell, I almost wrote myself into a boner there for a second. Oy, I need to cool down. I still have a job to do. I’ll save it for after the review when I call my Latina chick over for a quickie, a little afternoon delight. Or, as she would call it, a sueño de dia, a daydream. There’s even something extraordinarily sexy about the language! How could anyone want to rob me of that? People are so fucking selfish…

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