LatinaFuckTour review



You like to be fucked hard, don’t you? I know that you like it rough sometimes. You like it when I choke you and call you my little slut while I fuck you hard and deep enough to make you scream. I like it when you call me Papi and when you beg me to fuck you faster. You like it when I spank your ass and pull your hair. I’ll make you cum until you can’t take any more.

That is, after all, the true universal language: cumming. People often say that music is the universal language and it has its way of bridging peoples and cultures, for sure, but nothing in this world is as universal as the human need for good sex. I don’t have to have any idea what you’re saying to read ‘come fuck me’ in your eyes. And to cum is the only way to get beyond language altogether. For one blissful moment, we are completely free. It is the purest form of communication there is: pure existence in a realm of nothing but pleasure.

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