Granny Tube review

Granny Tube

Granny Tube

This site doesn’t look like your typical porn tube even though its name suggests it - there’s a lot of things about this website’s interface which looks suspicious right from the start; for example, it’s nothing but thumbnail images with ambiguous granny-related descriptions on it, which gives off the impression that it’s one of those many spammy, suspicious porn websites that lead you through a never-ending rabbit hole of other spammy, suspicious porn websites by luring you in with otherwise attractive looking thumbnail image links. These sites promise you quality porn videos, but all you get is an endless supply of similar sites and possibly malware and/or viruses into your poor pc.

Not here though; Grannytube looks like one of these sites, but after a thorough inspection I found out that it’s legit. Each one of those thumbnail image links that are fitted with an ambiguous description which incorporates the keywords ‘granny porn’ actually leads to a standalone page that’s full of links related to that category, and trust me when I say, there are a LOT of categories (more on that later though).

To put this point I’m trying to make in a nutshell: This site looks super suspicious, but it’s actually legit and you shouldn’t be afraid of getting your computer infected with an STD by exploring it because there’s nothing to fear - you can browse and fap through all the granny porn you’d like as long as you have AdBlock and some sort of antivirus running.

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