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Vivid Celeb

Vivid Celeb

Outstanding full-length movies of the top-class celebs

Did you hear about Vivid Celeb? If not, you, probably, got acquainted with the porn industry yesterday or this morning. This is a well-known site for adults created by Vivid Entertainment Company. It is in business for 35 years and it is an impressive period of time. Two guys Steven Hirsch and David James from Los Angeles founded this company in 1984. They were big enthusiasts of porn and decided to create something unrepeatable. Their company became nearly synonymous with the word “porn”. In 2006 it was named one of the dominant porn studios in the business. Their perfect reputation means that celebrity porn content on Vivid Celeb should be perfect. Those guys know how to make high-quality porn that will turn on anybody. Their style of work is unforgettable. This studio has a lot of awards. They got 29 Adult Video News (AVN) awards since 1987 and 12 XBIZ awards since 2010. Just imagine how many years they still remain on top. Vivid achieved so many awards that just a few studios can be considered as competitors. Maybe, they are just Playboy and Hustler.

Vivid is the first who invented such porn category like Celebrity porn. They were the first who provided homemade sex tapes of popular persons. If you don’t know their legendary sex tapes, your father knows them for sure. Vivid presented the most popular celebrity porn video of Kim Kardashian. That sex tape was a big scandal and it made a splash. I’m sure that you know about such famous celebrity porn movies like Hilton’s 1 Night in Paris and Pamela Anderson with Tommy Lee having sex on a speedboat. Oh, I forgot about Jimmy Hendrix sex tape. All these recognizable celebrity porn tapes videos are owned by Vivid Company. Vivid was also behind Teen Mom and Farrah Abraham’s sex tapes. Is it enough for you to get really impressed?

When you buy a membership, you get access to all these videos and many more. You will be able to enjoy full-length movies but not just short scenes like on other similar sites. Of course, you will meet celeb porn videos of good quality and bad quality. It is understandable. Some of them were filmed by professionals who just made them look like amateur sex tapes. Such kind of videos is amazing and will bring you maximum pleasure. Other sex tapes are truly homemade videos leaked on the web. That’s why scenes look really bad sometimes. The quality, action, and angles could be better. Anyway, be thankful for such exclusive content. There are not so many videos on Vivid Celeb. They are trying to make their collection look huge so why they cut long movies on small pieces. Actually, there are thirty full videos featuring twenty-four celebrities. This number isn’t impressive. Vivid doesn’t collect content on the web from other sites. They present just their own celebrity porn movies. I respect it.

The other interesting question is who is a “celebrity”? Vivid thinks that some hot girls that had appeared on a few reality shows are considered celebrities. I don’t understand that. Why should I watch celebrity porn video with a Toastee? Who is she? The site gives some information about her. She was a participant in the Flavor of Love 2 reality show. She was kicked out of the program when producers found out she had done some nude modeling and appeared in porn movies. Her porn name was Natalia the Scissor Vixen. It’s a curious story but I’m still not interested in her at all. How can be Kardashian compared with that noname? There is one more “star”. Her name is Brittney Jones. She is known for having sex with a popular Hollywood star but that guy remained anonymous. He cheated on his wife with a slut and it made her popular. I think it is not the way how people should become celebrities. Anyway, I’m ready to forget about these not so popular celebrities and pay more attention to classic celebrity porn films.

Vivid site is designed very well. You enjoy each moment spent on it. The nice layout gives you the opportunity to relax to the full without any annoying elements like ads. This site feels like premium. Some exclusive celeb porn movies can’t be found somewhere else on the Internet. If you want to enjoy classic leaked porn of the most famous celebs, better get an account on Vivid Celeb now. You will find here a lot of long movies but not only short scenes. The site is organized well because Vivid is one of the veterans of the adult industry. I’d like to get more videos on this site. Anyway, Vivid Celeb will bring you an unforgettable experience and full satisfaction. If we are talking about the best sources of celebrity porn, this site is included in the top list for sure.

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