Tour Of Booty review

Tour Of Booty

Tour Of Booty

Take my favorite video, for example. A group of soldiers looking to get laid put up flyers asking for locals who want to earn some extra cash. As expected, a number of desperate girls answer the call, but the big surprise is that a few are total babes. And, as an added bonus, they’re complete fucking sluts. After forty minutes of watching these brown beauties get used in every single fucking hole, any reservations I had about the price or the amount of porn disappeared—these aren’t single-use videos that you’ll watch once then toss aside forever. This is the kind of shit that you bookmark and come back to when you really need to bust a nut.

Another takes place in an Arab brothel. Again, this stuff seems so real that if it weren’t for the fact that I think I might recognize one of the girls from another porn I think these guys would be getting investigated by the American military. They even blur the faces of the guys that are going balls deep in some slim Arab slut as she eats out another hooker. 

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