IndianHiddenCams review



IndianHiddenCams claims to have the best in voyeur Indian sex. I’m a real sucker for that real amateur shit where everyone is fucking hard just to get off and not for a paycheck after they wipe the semen off their faces. I always give bonus points for the voyeur-and-spycam angle where the participants don’t even know they’re on cam. If these guys can deliver that shit, I’m going to be a happy motherfucker. Half a million visitors a month are already on the bandwagon.

One of the things that makes Indian porn so hot is that Indian culture is overall pretty prudish. Sex isn’t something that’s really openly discussed and flaunted the way it is in the West. I always think it’s funny how they refer to a lot of these amateur fuck movies as scandals. What’s so goddamn scandalous about a college girl sucking off her boyfriend in a dorm room and sticking the tip of her finger in his butthole?

Call it what you will. I don’t really give a fuck as long as I get to watch. The landing page entices potential viewers with screen grabs for a bunch of new hidden camera videos released just today. The screen shows eight new updates, which seems like a nice productive day for an Indian sex website. There is a babe from Vellore Medical College stripping and playing with her firm boobies and an Indian Bhabi changing her sari while a hidden camera looks on. I see the utter scandal of a college teen playing with herself in the shower and a hot housewife cuckolding her husband with her boyfriend.

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